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Why The Broadcasts exists

Graduate careers can seem daunting to any student, but when you’re faced with systemic discrimination, career progression can seem impossible. We exist to help young Black talent on their career journeys by increasing aspirations, providing invaluable career advice and connecting them to graduate opportunities.

The Broadcasts is a not-for-profit initiative that collaborates with Black students, Black talent and employer brands to create events, workshops and content geared at getting more young Black talent into graduate roles.

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Previous themes

The Broadcasts covers a range of themes, from practical topics such as where to start or tips on your CV, through to inspirational stories from industry leaders.

A career in tech. Yes. But why?

If they can, I will too. Prepare to get inspired.

Hack the process. CVs, applications & interviews.

Securing the role: My next career move.

About the partners.

The Guestlist

A community built by Shannie Mears from The Elephant Room. Over the last two years its members have shared thousands of opportunities, jobs, events and resources to people who might not usually have the access to them. You can join by emailing Shannie on Shannie.mears@theelephantroom.net with subject - join the guestlist. Please put a short intro as to who you are and how you will bring value to the community.Keep it short and precise.

Hype Collective

A student marketing agency that creates opportunities for the people it markets to. We work with brands like Adobe, Co-op and Atlantic Records. You can see our opportunities for students here: